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AG Construct is a residential and commercial construction company with a focus on delivering quality projects.

We nurture our existing relationships and work to foster new ones 

Our philosophy is built upon the belief that quality relationships are the core of quality projects. Our company started from humble roots, we are a family founded business. Formally established  in 1995, we are a group of passionate people who work closely with architects, design teams and property developers to lay solid foundations and execute every detail. We specialise in medium rise apartment construction and hold unlimited residential and commercial licences. We work to nurture our existing relationships and foster new ones in order to maintain the highest quality, while meeting project budgets.

We understand budgets are a reality of life. We have a clear method of budgeting and effective costing. Our team approaches each project by understanding the site conditions, delivery time, design intent and budget. As a result of this understanding and our close relationships, we work to ensure each project is delivered within budget without compromise on design. Melbourne is a rapidly growing city with an increasing demand for housing. Our aspiration is to deliver projects with not only longevity in design, but also material quality to help accommodate this growth. AG Construct’s strengths lie in strong relationships, resources and sound knowledge of requirements in a wide range of industry sectors. As a result, we have developed a strong repeat client base.

We have the skills 

With over 40 years’ combined industry experience, we take a collaborative approach to deliver from the ground up. Our team are licensed, highly skilled and committed to continued professional development through education. We have a close long-standing relationship with the Housing Industry Association (HIA) and Master Builders Association Victoria (MBVA) to remain at the forefront of industry standards and innovation. Since 1995, we have, evolved into a dynamic construction group at the forefront of facilitating innovative developments in Melbourne. This extensive experience enables us to undertake each project with in-depth local knowledge acquired over years in the industry. You are in safe hands.