Quality projects come from quality collaboration. The best built outcomes are projects which have clear design intent, timeline and costing from the outset.

Our team can assist with efficient design and construction. We do this by critically analysis of site, advanced planning and budget estimation. This helps you avoid unnecessary design changes and unwanted financial outlay during construction. After successfully delivering multi-residential projects over the past 20 years, our focus is on providing quality construction of medium rise apartment developments.

Get us involved early

Collaboration is a key factor in the construction industry, we are here to be part of your team to deliver a quality project through innovation and efficiency. The end user is always kept in mind when designing and building a project, this is why it is important to ensure the build-ability early. Material choices, affordability and functionality are parts of the industry we experience daily. With early contractor involvement we can provide advice to streamline the process of design down to the smallest detail.

We are a company founded on relationships, early contractor involvement (ECI) is a relationship-based procurement model which leverages the experience of AG Construct at the earliest opportunity in the project delivery cycle. It is a concept which allows the client to draw upon our design and construction expertise, at a point in which we can add the most value to the project. Our involvement at this stage, by influencing long-term decisions, will impact directly upon cost, quality, time and build-ability.


AG Construct believes in affordable, intelligent and durable construction designed for the community whilst enhancing the urban landscape of Melbourne.

AG Construct’s highly skilled team works closely with architects and designers to deliver creative and innovative construction solutions. This process assists in delivering a project to meet its objectives. Accurate and coordinated design is essential to a high quality outcome.
We are committed to working in a way that ensures coherence and coordination of all disciplines; architecture, structural, civil and services engineering, landscaping and energy sensitive design. Aesthetic characteristics and structural efficiency considerations are balanced to give quality outcomes while ensuring functionality in each project. Interior design is value managed to provide competitive alternative solutions while keeping the architectural integrity of the project at the forefront. We work to ensure our projects achieve NCC and BCA compliance in all aspects and details are practical whilst achieving the cleanest of lines.

We know Melbourne

With years of local knowledge, we understand Melbourne. Having successfully delivered quality projects across a wide cross section of the inner south-eastern and western suburbs of Melbourne, we have extensive knowledge of the property market. Additionally, we have well built relationships with local planning authorities and an in-depth comprehension of which future projects will be most viable for these areas. AG Construct believes in affordable, intelligent and durable construction designed for the community whilst enhancing the urban landscape of Melbourne.


We have exceptional experience and a proven track record of delivering projects through various construction methods. Many of our projects are on complex sites and involve careful research and understanding of construction approach. We are well versed in all stages of construction from the largest of double basements, in-situ and precast concrete structures, the operation of tower cranes within tight site constraints, execution of complex architectural designs, curtain wall glazing, pod and paver tiling systems to the finer details of joinery. The results are low maintenance buildings built to last both visually and structurally and ensuring your project is a success today and tomorrow.

Project Management

Project management is a pivotal role in the timely delivery and quality outcome of a project. We actively work with architects and property developers to manage construction and ensure the delivery of our projects. We guarantee the contracted completion date and budget of your project by maintaining constant project supervision and ongoing communication with our clients. This clear approach ensures the objectives of the project are delivered to the highest quality and standards in the industry. We are committed to delivering a building that meets the expectations of our clients and the end user. To achieve this, we set our own expectation high and commit to quality delivery for each project. We take great pride sequencing resources efficiently, completing our projects by selecting the right system for the circumstance and streamlining construction methodology. These skills allow us to reduce labour and result in reduced construction time. These processes result in direct savings for our clients through reduced holding costs and early settlements.